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a Sasquatch tribute to

Maureen Glaude

Nov. 23, 1953 – July 18, 2007

silver fingernail moon

in a royal blue sky

assumes center stage

roses and golds

all taken down as sunset sleeps


After the Sunset
© Maureen Glaude

As a member of Sasquatch's Board from 1999 to 2002, Maureen shared publicity duties, promoting our readings by writing up PSAs and faxing them to various contacts in the media and writing community. Afterwards, Maureen was still a frequent flyer on the Open Mic portion of our readings, but also a busy member of several capital area workshops until her untimely passing in July of 2007.


The Poetry of Maureen Glaude


A former Board member and co-publicity-manager of the Sasquatch Literary and Arts Performance Series, and a regular there since 1997, Maureen frequented this series, El Taller Cultural El Dorado, and others, to share poems, as well as participating in writing study groups facilitated by Sylvia Adams, and Barbara Myers (The Wellington Street Poets). She was a member of kado ottawa since its inception. Also a former OIW (Ottawa Independent Writers) member, and participant in several critique groups. She's was a featured reader at Sasquatch, (summer 2003 and previously), and at Tree, January 2000.

Glaude’s work has appeared in several literary publications, including The Wolf Magazine, London, England, Palabras Productions, San Gabriel, California, and in the TOPS (The Ontario Poetry Society) anthology (2003), Rocks and Rhythm, and the anthology (August 2002), Earth Songs.

In 2000, she won 3rd place in the Free Verse category of the National Capital Poetry Writing Contest, Canadian Authors Association, for her poem Angel Landing.

Maureen passed away after a courageous battle with Cancer, on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at the age of 53 years.


splendour stole over her
cedar hedge today

soft finger streams
in teasing arcs
carving intermittent highs
to greet the gold of sunburst
christen with moist kisses
the forest greens
then bend back in retreat
to adorn the mesmerized goldfinch
glistening in the water
sprinkler’s sparkles

Aug. 02

Saint Ruby

"If by some miracle
I should die a saint...." *
you wrote in your St. Pete’s poem
after visiting Rome’s statue

the copy you gave me to critique
remains cherished within my desk
in the wake
of our losing you, Ruby
if not you, a saint
then who?

July 9, 2001

* Ruby Spriggs’ poem St. Pete shared in class


Sky Genders

if you were here, now
I would ask you
why the clouds are male
the rains female

what did old Asia mean
by this?

Is it the way the clouds transform?
lonely loomers heavy in thought
gathering particles of moisture
to drop in orchestrated
as vapor reaches the critical point?
down to an audience below?

Is it how they sometimes billow
aloft in blue, as huge white pillows?
or scud mysteriously in turmoil
grey turned to black and ominous?
in cumulus or stratus, cirrus or nimbus?

making their impression to say they’re there?
what types of clouds are men, really?

Are rains female for
the dew poured from these ribs?
because they weep a thousand tears
and wet the womb of worlds?
can turn to ice or sprinkle warm-soft
decorated by a bow through sun
in every color?

Is it that she sheds her blood of water in cycles,
dampening ground until dry ground returns again.

Without the cloud, no rain
Without the rain, why hang a cloud?

The mix of pressures dust and air flow
the intercourse, then detachment?
and so the yin and yang

Oh Basho, I would wish you here
to tell me all the X's and Y's
of your sexy skies


Matins, Mornings and Mañanas

Réveillons-nous pour la chasse des chiens domestiques du jardin parmi leurs mâitres et mâitresses s’amusant en marchant dans la forệt les matins

Boots on packed trails amid the canine chorus and human hellos slice the slumbered shoreline

Las bocas de los perros juguetean con nuestras risas, amigos todos, en las mañanas de enero al aire libre en la costa

December 31, 2000

all poems © Maureen Glaude




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